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Here is a link to the superbowl ad for Amp energy drink.  It's pretty funny.  I think this guy tows for us!!  :)          Tow Driver

Funny customer stories.  No names will be mentioned so as not to offend anyone, namely the character of the story.

We got a call from a gentleman who wanted his car pulled out of the ditch.  He was whispering, and wanted to keep the tow "hush hush", (which if your car goes off road on a public road, law enforcement has to be called).  We asked where he was.  He said he didn't know.  He was on a big hill with a lot of beer cans, then all of a sudden whispered "oh oh.  I gotta go hide in the bushes, I'll call you back!"  We never heard back from him.

A ladies car had been impounded and she didn't want it back.  She showed up while we were closed, (and was very put out we were closed, after all, she was here!), and called the owner.  She told him she has the title to give him.  He told her he doesn't accept just the title.  She then continued to insist that she had the title for him, but she wants the transmission out of the car.  He told her she can't take the transmission.  She then told him she wants the transmission fluid.  When he told her she couldn't take that either, she hung up on him.

Here's something I thought you might be interested in.  I love watching (and trying) the "As Seen On TV" stuff.  I purchased these, and they are pretty neat!  If you price out digital frames, they are very expensive, and you can take this one anywhere you go to share your photos!  Check it out!    Wallet Pix